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OEKO-tex 100. Brescia is manufactured in Belgium by a respected manufacturer with clear focus on creating eco-friendly fabrics by e.g. reusing water for manufacturing. Brescia is a very sophisticated OEKO-TEX® certified fabric, consisting of multiple components for a very natural look and feel.

Composition: 41% Viscose, 23% Cotton, 14% Linen, 12% Polyester, 4% Wool
Martindale: 45.000
Pilling: 3-4Composition: 41% Viscose, 23% Cotton, 14% Linen, 12% Polyester, 4% Wool


Super Velvet is made by an Italian weaver, who is famous for their superior fabrics. The velour look gives the fabric a very soft touch and comfort. A high quality yarn is used and makes the Super Velvet very strong. The design is modern and has a shimmering look, which makes a varied look depending on the light and the viewpoint. The fabric is a long lasting product you can have for years and it will gain a beautiful patina.

Composition: 100% Polyester
Martindale: 100.000
Pilling: 5


Navelli is a high tech fabric woven by one of the world ́s leading producers. On the front is a microfiber fabric and the back side is a thick plush soft woven fabric for enhanced comfort and durability. The structure in the fabric gives a smooth Nubuck leather effect with an exclusive look.

Composition: 100% Polyester
Martindale: 40.000
Pilling: 4-5