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Soundwave® Botanic is designed by Spanish Mario Ruiz.

“I appreciate how the forest is everywhere in Scandinavia. The forest’s presence is so significant, that when I was commissioned to design a sound absorber that would be part of the Soundwave® project, I was inspired by tree branches. And this is what lies behind the final form: abstract and structural movements inspired by the natural vegetation”, says Mario Ruiz.

“I am very pleased with the final result, and how these structures change depending on whether the panels are placed vertically or horizontally”, continues Mario Ruiz.

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Dimensions: 58,5 x 58,5cm
Depth: 6,2cm
Color: Anthracite, Grey, Off White, Deep red


Material: Moulded polyester fibre, upholstered in Gabriel Europost

Designer: Mario Ruiz.

Environmental labeling


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