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These chairs are the only ones of their kind. Few people own these beautiful leather dining chairs. They are truly unique! The chairs are excellent as a full set of six, as a complement to a mixed and dynamic dining chair set, as home office chair or simply to decorate a tricky corner. The simplicity of Swedish steel frame with thick Italian leather on it makes Cactus a dream. These modern leather dining chairs are meant to create an elegant and pleasurable dining atmosphere in your home.

Delivery: 2-3 weeks within the EU and UK.



Material seating: Italian leather
Material frame: Rust protected Swedish steel
Colour options seating: Please see above
Colour frame: Black
Height: 87cm
Width: 52cm
Depth: 50cm
Seat height: 52cm
Weight: 10kgs

We offer a 5 year guarantee on this product. 


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Black, Camel, Cognac, Brown


Cuero Design wants to help you collect memories with their products. Their hope is to have a relationship with the families that purchase from them, that your future grandchildren will ask our grandchildren for help with style and design issues.

To make sure this happens, they create timeless pieces that they know will remain beautiful in 30, 40, 50, well, in some cases, even a hundred years from now.

Cuero Design believe that you will become more creative if you surround yourself with beautiful items and that human beings, no matter how technical we become, will always have a necessity to be in contact with nature.