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Imagine this classic in your home. You have seen it everywhere. Fashion magazines love it. Hotels want it. Museums admire it.  This is the Leather Butterfly Chair you have been looking for. However, this particular one is a little bit different. These are the designers own words:

“My father always had a problem with the Butterfly Chair.It was uncomfortable to sit in, and he thought that the edges were too pointy. They broke the harmony of a perfectly decorated room. So, he embarked on a design Odyssey that took more than 15 years. The result was this beautiful lounge chair that you see here”.


Delivery: 1-2 weeks within the EU and UK.



Material seating: Italian leather
Material frame: Rust protected Swedish steel
Colour options seating: Please see above
Colour frame: Chrome (also available in black)
Height: 92cm
Width: 87cm
Depth: 87cm
Weight: 12kgs

We offer a 5 year guarantee on this product. 

Please note that this particular product comes with a chrome frame – even though some pictures will show a black frame. 

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Black, Camel, Cognac, Brown, Nature, Oak, Forest


Cuero Design wants to help you collect memories with their products. Their hope is to have a relationship with the families that purchase from them, that your future grandchildren will ask our grandchildren for help with style and design issues.

To make sure this happens, they create timeless pieces that they know will remain beautiful in 30, 40, 50, well, in some cases, even a hundred years from now.

Cuero Design believe that you will become more creative if you surround yourself with beautiful items and that human beings, no matter how technical we become, will always have a necessity to be in contact with nature.