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Soundwave® Sky is designed by Marre Moerel who got the inspiration for the sound absorbing panel from the silhouette of cities, in particular that of New York, but the pattern can also be seen as an abstraction of nature. The panels have a regular, rectangular form. When placed horizontally a straight line is formed at the top which is then broken into slightly angled horizontal lines.

The pattern reflects New York’s grid of streets and can also be seen as an enormous mountain range from a bird’s eye view. Vertically the pattern is transformed into skyscrapers or primeval rock formations. The sound absorbing effect can be varied depending on how the panel is mounted. Vertically placed Sky reflects the sound back and forth. Horizontally place it instead absorbed the sound.



Dimensions: 58,5 x 58,5cm
Depth: 6cm
Color: Grey, Off White, Anthracite

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Grey, Off White, Anthracite


Material: Moulded polyester fibre, grey or off white

Designer: Marre Moerel

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