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Soundwave® Scrunch is designed by Teppo Asikainen. The inspiration for the pattern of Scrunch comes from a creased paper.

Sound and acoustics are two of the most important and most overlooked factors when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for interaction in areas where people communicate and socialize. The combination of form and function in Soundwave® does not only give the panels a great appearance, but also serves the function of absorbing and reflecting sound.

This version of SCRUNCH is upholstered with Gabriel Europost fabric. See color options in the link, and fill in your choice below.



Dimensions: 58,5 x 58,5cm
Depth: 6cm
Color:  See Colour Options


Material: Moulded polyester fibre upholstered with Gabriel Europost

Designer: Teppo Asikainen

Environmental labeling


Offecct AB is a Swedish design company with its headquarters and production in Tibro, Sweden. Since May 2017, Offecct has been a part of Flokk – the market leader in the design, development and production of workplace furniture in Europe. Offecct has a very strong Sustainable and environmental friendly approach to their production and design. To get a full disclosure on their filosofy, please click here.