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Maki is a solitary and social icon based on minimalism and diversity. A strong and iconic shape that stands out in every room and at the same time a flexible and social team player designed to be combined in different formations. Maki easy chair has a simple, innovative and self-evident form offering plenty of possibilities.

鈥漈he chair has a strong and symbolic shape, while being flexible in applications and functions. It can be used to work, rest, meet and wait 鈥 as a lone icon with a strong personal presence or together in different formations鈥, says聽 Designer Jin Kuramoto.

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Height: 71,5cm
Width: 109cm
Depth: 95,5cm
Seat Height: 42,5cm
Seat Depth: 54cm

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Standard Black or Grey, Flexicolor


Legs: Standard RAL black Matte or Grey / Flexicolor (Choose your color)
Seat upholstery: Fabric (choose your type and color)

Designer: Jin Kuramoto


Offecct AB is a Swedish design company with its headquarters and production in Tibro, Sweden. Since May 2017, Offecct has been a part of Flokk 鈥 the market leader in the design, development and production of workplace furniture in Europe. Offecct has a very strong Sustainable and environmental friendly approach to their production and design. To get a full disclosure on their filosofy, please click here.