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鈥淭he inspiration for the shape and composition of Babled chair came to me when I saw a butterfly leaning on a brick. I loved the contrast between fragility and resilience. The finished piece defines a place in a somewhat cinematic way. While the flowing lines of the soft shell invite you to lean back and stick your legs out in a relaxed way, it also protects you and gives you a sense of control and coolness while swirling around, surveying a room in 360 degrees鈥, says Emmanuel Babled.



Height: 100cm
Seat Height: 27cm
Width: 175cm
Arm rest height; 680/600cm
Depth: 121,6cm

Additional information

Base / Foundation

White pigmentetd ash veneer, DuPont Corian庐 Glacier White.

Upholstery Price Group

Upholstery Price group 1, Upholstery Price group 2, Upholstery Price group 3, Upholstery – Elmo Leather


Base: Metal and Wood
Seat frame: Metal, laminated wood, cold foam.
Available with fabric or leather upholstery.
Frame in laminated wood with cold foam. Upholstered in fabric or leather. Standard leather Elmo Soft, standard on both inside and outside. Swivel. Foundation in white pigmentetd ash veneer alt. DuPont Corian庐 Glacier White.

Designer: Emmanuel Babled


Offecct AB is a Swedish design company with its headquarters and production in Tibro, Sweden. Since May 2017, Offecct has been a part of Flokk 鈥 the market leader in the design, development and production of workplace furniture in Europe. Offecct has a very strong Sustainable and environmental friendly approach to their production and design. To get a full disclosure on their filosofy, please click here.