Category: Kvadrat upholstery
Pattern: Solid
Composition: 90% new wool worsted 10% nylon
Width: Approx. 140 cm (Approx. 55″)
Weight: 480 g/lin. m (15.48 oz/ly)

Canvas 2 is a vibrant woollen upholstery textile created by Giulio Ridolfo. Particularly well-suited to large surfaces thanks to its pronounced structure, it features a soft weave and an expanded palette inspired by the landscapes of Skagen, Denmark.

The melange yarn used to craft Canvas combines three colours, with six hues in every colourway. Consequently, the textile offers exceptional colour richness and an intriguing expression. From a distance, it has the calm surface of a unicoloured textile. But, get closer, and shimmering colour nuances, delicate contrasts and an elegant structure emerge.